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Only the Coolest, Most High Technology Gadgets!

We live in an age of awesome technology gadgets, there is no doubt about that. On the one hand, we have high end computers that look like fighter jets. Then we have sleek, stylish laptops that we can throw in a bag and smartphones that are capable of pretty much running our entire lives.

very smart gadgets

But there’s so much more than this too. We’re entering the age of wearable technology gadgets, of augmented and virtual reality, of the ‘internet of things’ and of fitness trackers. The technology available right now goes beyond what we could have even have imagined a few years ago to the point where it’s almost like we’re living in a science fiction model.

And guess what? A lot of that technology gadgets is already available and not as expensive as you think. If you want to turn your home into a smart home or get yourself a small robot assistant… you can! The only thing standing between you and a truly high-tech lifestyle is the lack of information. A lot of us simply just don’t know about this stuff.

Our Technology Reviews

And that’s where comes in. This is your number one resource to keep you up-to-date with all the newest, coolest and most cutting edge technology. We’re talking the very most science fiction tech and the very sleekest and smartest products.

If you’re in the market for sweet new stuff to kit out your home, then you’ll benefit from our honest and detailed reviews. Or if you’re a tech fan, then you’ll no doubt getting a kick from learning about the amazing hardware currently on the market.

And we don’t just look at the devices themselves but also at what they mean in the larger scheme of things and how they could change our lives and what we come to expect from our technology. So what kind of things do we feature here? Pretty much anything that’s cutting edge, great value, exciting or just a really neat piece of tech.

That will include: wearable technology gadgets, smartphones, speakers, lighting systems, smart home tech, robots, drones, virtual reality, augmented reality, controllers, headphones, robot vacuums, … and much more! Some examples of things we’ve featured recently include:

The Galaxy Gear VR –

A device that offers fully immersive virtual reality at a very low price and with no need for a high-end computer. For less than $100, you can start exploring alternate realities wherever you are!

The 24K Gold Limited Edition ZUS Smart USB –

That’s right, you can get a USB charger for your car that’s made out of solid gold. This is the most high-end, premium and multi-functional USB charger you’ll probably ever come across.

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation –

This is speaker from Amazon that plays music from Amazon Prime, Spotify and more in 360 degree, omni-directional audio. But it’s also a voice-controlled hub for your smart home that lets you control all your tech with voice commands!

Sphero BB-8 –

Sphero promises that ‘one day, every home will have a robot’. It doesn’t get much more science fiction than that and their Star Wars inspired BB-8 model is probably the coolest (and most incredible) of the lot. And that’s just the start of it! We have so much more awesome technology gadgets to share with you, so bookmark this page to stay updated and to start living in the future right now.

Welcome to the Future… And that’s really our vision: to help you start living a more high-tech and exciting lifestyle. The tech is out there and a lot of it is more affordable than you think. Whether it’s making life a little bit easier, giving you something fun to share with your friends or helping you explore entire new experiences; technology really does change lives.

By staying up to date with what’s happening and being the first to learn about all these new technology gadgets, you can start upgrade your home, your workflow and your down time. Without breaking the bank, you can live in a home that tidies itself and that you can check on from anywhere in the world, you can be among the very first to try virtual reality and you can play with toys that will absolutely blow your mind. Inspired yet? Then climb on board and let’s go! Destination: the future!