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Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

The old Amazon Echo has been discontinued. The all-new Echo 2nd Generation has just taken its place, and is poised to outperform the old version. The new version is labeled as being better, smaller and more efficient than the old version.

Even though it has a less imposing statue than its predecessor, the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation is ready to meet the basic needs of customers and even exceed their wildest expectations. Has the old Amazon Echo managed to exceed your expectations ? The second version might do just that, and then some more.

Why the Discontinue?

Amazon Echo is no longer on sales. If you want to leverage the features of this exquisite device, than you need to get your hands on the second version. But why the new launch and the discontinuing of the old product? Amazon Echo was launched back in 2014.

Since then, it has invaded millions of homes all around the world, and it has become one of the most talked-about gadgets on the planet. However, Echo was falling behind the competition. Apple’s HomePod and Google’s Home have come with innovative features worthy of top smart speakers, and Amazon couldn’t keep up.

Buy on amazon

Buy on amazon

In order to keep up, Amazon released Amazon  Echo 2nd Generation, which is more like the competition and less like the old Echo. The entire purpose of the discontinue was to focus more on the needs of the customers and less on its branded product.

Amazon realized that customers are the ones dictating the trends, and have decided to act smart by launching a whole new Echo unit. Did they act wisely ? Keep reading to discover the answer.

Design of Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

The new model is also less obtrusive, being coated in a beautiful fabric skin. You can purchase the unit in a wide variety of colors, from Sandstone and Charcoal to Heather Grey, Walnut, Oak and Silver. The old version was less customizable and could only be purchased in standard version.

In terms of resemblances with the old version, note that the cylindrical shape has been maintained. Moreover, the buttons at the top of the speaker are still there. If you got used with Echo 1.0, you will definitely appreciate that some design-related aspects have remained the same.

The simplified design of the all-new Echo 2nd Generation comes with the innovative rotating volume ring found on the Echo Dot device. Overall, the design is smoother, and the new device is easier to use than its predecessor.

It looks smarter and more user friendly than any other Amazon device released so far. Probably only Echo Dot looks smarter, as it is more compact and can easily complement any room by its innovative design.

Sound Quality of Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

The new Amazon Echo looks sharper, but does it manage to deliver a better sound quality? According to Amazon, the 7 field microphones are better than the original ones. The All-new Echo 2nd Generation is equipped with Dolby processing, 360 degree omnidirectional audio, dynamic bass response, beamforming technology and noise cancellation capability.

Inside the device, the downward firing 2.5” subwoofer and upward firing 0.6” tweeter work together to play your favorite music and deliver crisp vocals. Stream your best songs from iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn and many other services.

Echo 2nd Generation

Nevertheless, the All-new Echo 2nd Generation offers a surround 360-degree sound. The sound quality is acceptable. Dolby has contributed in a small measure at the quality of the sound, so expect to be pleasantly surprised.

However, do not expect to listen to your favorite music at high-quality, as that won’t happen.

New & Improved Features of Echo 2nd Generation

As far as hardware goes, Amazon has added some impressive features to the new Echo. This new unit has an “all-new speaker architecture”, which includes a downward firing woofer, a dedicated tweeter and Dolby processing sound.

Moreover, Echo 2nd Generation is equipped with an advanced far-field audio capture technology, which means the device wakes up faster when it hears “Alexa”, plus it can recognize your voice from afar due to the noise cancellation features.

Echo 2nd Generation

The 7 microphones used by Echo second version can easily capture soundwaves coming from any direction, even in loud environments. This means that you can talk to Alexa even while listening to music or when there is noise in the house. Echo 2nd generation also works better with Prime.

You can now enjoy ad-free streaming of millions of songs with Prime Music. Moreover, you can get great deals and order with just a few vocal commands. “Alexa, what are your deals?” or “Alexa, what new songs are on Prime?”

The skills of Echo 2.0 are many, and they keep growing at an astounding pace. These new skills allow you to do a wide variety of things, such as ordering pizza from your local pizza shop, request a ride from Uber, control your TV, track your fitness levels, play your favorite games, check the headlines, and the list goes on.

You can also rate each skill and app and add capabilities to favorites. Check here Alexa’s top & new skills .

Hands-Free Messenger & Calling

With Amazon Echo 2nd Generation, you can talk to everybody without tapping any more buttons. Simply set up a voice profile, teach Alexa to recognize your voice and then set up your contact list.

Next, tell Alexa to call “mom” or “wife”. If you just want to leave a message, record a vocal message and Alexa will send it to your mom or your wife using text message on your mobile phone.

Echo 2nd Generation

Thanks to the new Drop-in feature, you can instantly connect with other Echo devices located in other rooms of your house. For example, you can connect to Echo Dot 2nd generation located in the bedroom and tell your kids to come in the kitchen.

Or you can simply connect to the Echo Plus with built-in Hub in the living room and tell your husband to go shopping.

Connectivity to the Next Level

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation can easily integrate with Echo Plus with built-in Hub. Echo Plus is a huge surprise from Amazon and is specially designed to take connectivity and integration to the next level.

This gorgeous device can work with over 100 smart units inside your home, automate every task and enable you to stay in control of everything you do.

Echo 2nd Generation

With Echo Plus with built-in Hub, you can setup the ZigBee lights, plugs, locks and in-wall switches. You can also check traffic, play music, set up alarms, call your friends, and of course control hundreds of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, TVs, thermostats, lamps, to name just a few.

The All-new Echo 2nd Generation goes perfectly with Echo Plus. It also works amazingly well with Echo Show, the best kitchen assistant ever released on the market.

Extra Capabilities

Ultimately, the All-new Echo 2nd Generation allows you to do many things that you couldn’t have done before. One example is the control of Fire TV. Since this device runs entirely on the cloud, you can easily streamline any TV show or movie you want at 4K ultra HD quality.

You can now enjoy over 350,000 apps, games and movies from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video. If you are a Prime member, you can add your own ShowTime and HBO channels and watch new released movies and TV shows at no cost at all. Everything with no satellite or cable connection.

Should you Upgrade to Echo 2 ?

We believe that you should. With the original Echo no longer available, users only have one choice – Echo second generation. If you are already an Amazon fan and you want to get to the next level, then Echo second generation is the wisest choice.

Amazon Echo 2nd generation costs less than the first generation, is smaller & lighter and offers more advanced features. The new design spikes more interest from the consumers and integrates better with the overall aspect of the house.

The fact that you can select from a wide range of options, with different colors & patterns, makes it even easier for you to buy a unit that complements the design of your home. Even though the sound performance of Echo 2 is similar to the first, the far-voice recognition is much better. Alexa can hear you even in the noisiest environment possible.

However, the new features are those that make the All-new Echo 2nd Generation stand head and shoulders over the competition. You can leverage Echo’s routines feature to perform multiple tasks at the same time. You can also call and text anyone in your phone book. To top it all, you can control any device in your home and interact with them more naturally.

The All-new Echo 2nd Generation is undoubtedly a great buy in 2018. This gorgeous unit could literally help you to automate your tasks and save precious hours during the day. Get it now  and benefit of Amazon’s expertise in home automation.

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