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Can Amazon Echo be Used to Spy on you?

Designed to be the best virtual personal assistant ever made, Amazon Echo aka “Alexa”, this device controls your surroundings, giving you the right answer to your questions in a matter of seconds.

Amazon_Echo_Alexa_7 speakers

This device is aimed to make your life easier by responding to your voice instead of your touch. However, due to its advanced features, there are voices that say that Amazon Echo can actually be used by NSA or other similar agencies to record your conversations and collect precious information from you.

While many people might be uneasy with a listening device right in their living room or bedroom, the naked truth is that Amazon Echo is far from being a spy device that can be used by FBI, CIA or NSA. When designing the device, Amazon already though that some people might question their device.

Usually, people who question Amazon Echo question all other devices and appliances available on the market, including but not limited to smartphones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and even microwave ovens.

People who believe that Amazon Echo might spy on the population come with a strong arguments – its seven microphone array complemented by the beam-forming technology is specially designed to hear all the sounds in the room.

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The truth is that Amazon created a device with such powerful listening capabilities to ensure it can hear people who are unable to talk loud enough or help those who want to use Alexa do that without waking up their neighbors, parents or spouses. Amazon haters have taken this positive feature and have transformed it into something negative.

Another feature of Alexa used by its disbelievers against it is its capability to stay online even though you have not called it by name. Amazon Echo is continuously online, according to the manufacturer. This means it can always listen to what you’re saying.

At least that’s what some people claim. In reality, Alexa is always online and always connected to come up with an answer ASAP to all your questions.
If this device would not be on all the time, it would take an extra few seconds for it to start up.

Moreover, it would not be able to hear you when you call its name.
The truth is that after the Snowden leaks, people are frightened to know that Amazon, Apple, Samsung or any other big corporation are willing to put Internet-connected, always-listening devices in our homes.

People have less and less confidence in big corporations, as most of them work hand in hand with government and federal agencies.
With all that, even though let’s say Amazon would want to listen to our conversations, that’s not possible, according to the law.

The latest laws prohibit listening to private conversations and using these information. This law is active in almost all states.

As a conclusion, you mustn’t worry – you are not in danger to being spied upon with Amazon Echo. This device is used only to help you, not to record precious information. Alexa is perfectly safe to use in every environment and will definitely prove to a very useful virtual assistant.

6 Responses to “Is Amazon Echo Safe Device – Review Of Amazon Echo Alexa”

  1. Jackie

    My Husband asked for this for Xmas. I got it for him. Now all of a sudden he feels it’s spying
    On him. I think he’s nuts.

    • John Rainbird

      I would feel the same …….he`s not going nuts as you say, but has got his nut firmly screwed on the right way !

    • John

      I didn’t think Alexa spied on us till this morning. I was talking about the government this morning at 5 am no mention of the word Alexa . All of a sudden Alexa’s light came on and rotated three or four times and cut off.
      So that was to weird that at mention of the government it would turn on. We had been talking about other things before that. Just don’t dismiss the idea.

  2. No Fool

    What does the law have to do with anything?! The law didn’t stop the NSA from listening in on our phone calls. The law didn’t stop the NSA from capturing our emails.
    The government wouldn’t lie to us, would they???
    Just like this article, something to ponder.

  3. Ben Gessel

    My roommate has this thing. He loves it. Geez, can the thing listen to what is going on in just his room, or can it listen to stuff going on in other rooms? What if I was watching a lot of Illuminati stuff, and the rumors are indeed true, that Alexa is connected to the government, etc., and then the government knows that I am one of the potentially “dangerous” ones, gotta put a red dot on my mailbox, kind of thing? I mean, I know that train of thought can sound paranoid, but, heck, if I don’t know if the thing is “secure” or not, then yeah, that is the reason I am a little bit worried about the thing. Thing is, nothing has ever happened, EVER, to confirm to me that the government is in my business every day, etc.

  4. Chemotherapy

    It’s really not spying on innocent Americans right violating their constitutional rights? If you have it in your home it’s like inviting and allowing a warrantless search = You waived your rights + read the small print. All the major newspapers are peporting these devices and almost every single electonic device connected to the internet IS being used to violate peoples rights. The press reports comes courtesy of Wikileaks Vault7 whatever that is but both the left and the right media is reporting it. Remember ONSTAR? This is nothing new.


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