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Comparing Amazon Echo To Siri, Cortana and Google Now

In the virtual world we live today, we now can enjoy the perk of hiring our personal assistant. At the moment, there are four big names in the digital assistant world – Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. Out of these four, probably the most prominent and most advanced personal assistant is Amazon Echo.
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Let’s take a look at how Amazon Echo or “Alexa” compares to each one of the personal assistants listed above.

Comparing Amazon Echo vs Siri

Amazon has developed a strong reputation for manufacturing high quality products, including tablets, e-readers and laptops. Comparing Siri and Alexa is quite a daunting task, because these two are very different in many aspects.

While Siri stays in your pocket all day long and can help you with all your tasks, Echo is your 24/7 assistant that stands on your table or countertop and offers you precious information whenever you are cooking, eating or reading your newspaper.

While Siri is an app on your iPhone smartphone, Echo is a standalone digital assistant that can connect to a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device, regardless of operating system or brand.

While Echo can’t cover the entire home, this great digital companion works perfect if you are in a room or in the adjacent room. Additionally, it is not portable and requires batteries to operate. This voice activated personal assistant depends on Alexa, an analytics and search service. On the other hand, Siri can be carried around with you because it lives inside your mobile device.

While Siri can’t manage home appliances, Amazon Echo can easily control light bulbs, smart switches, laptops, TVs and home cinemas. Best of all, Echo can be used by Android users, while Siri can only be used exclusively by iOs users.

Alexa, Echo’s engine, can work on various tablets and devices, encouraging new developers to design apps that work together with it. On the other hand, Siri works only with iOs devices. Echo will continue to be integrated with top companies around the world, while Siri is losing its interest among consumers who do not own an iPhone.

Regarding politeness, Amazon Echo lives up to its name to be the most polite and official virtual assistant. On the other hand, Siri has a dry sense of humor, overly critical, even sharp. If you use Android or Windows, Siri is not even an option.

While Siri relies mainly on iOs functions and apps, Amazon has already invested over $100 million in projects that should be incorporated into their voice assistant. For instance, two technologies that will soon be available for Amazon Echo users include Orange Chef app for cooking and Scout Alarm, a complete home security system.

To top it all, Echo can be used to buy products on Amazon. Siri can’t do that. When it comes to the multitude of features, Echo is definitely the winner in the Amazon Echo vs Apple Siri showdown.

Comparing Amazon Echo vs Cortana

Microsoft’s Cortana is a well-famed virtual assistant specially designed for Windows 10. This personal assistant works only on smartphones and computers with Windows 10 installed, but will soon be available on both iOS and Android. Of course, Cortana has an edge if you want to sync your digital assistant across multiple devices.

Cortana relies heavily on Bing to provide you with results and answers to your questions, which might not be exactly what you want. We all know that Bing is inferior to Google from all points of view. Cortana is great at managing your calendar.

However, that’s pretty much all you can get from Microsoft’s personal assistant. Conversely, Amazon Echo functions like a real person in your home, being always present and ready to listen to your questions and needs.

When it comes to interacting with your digital assistant, Echo has an edge over all other three competitors: Cortana, Now and Siri. With Echo you can talk by simply saying the password, which is “Alexa”. On the other hand, to Cortana you need to talk by pressing a key or a button on your laptop screen.

When it comes to politeness, Alexa is the most polite one, while Cortana has plenty of humor and comes with a lot of jokes. Cortana is smart and provides a personality-rich user experience. She can easily entertain you and can dig up precious information for you. However, Echo responds much faster to your requests, has a fancier design, it’s easier to use and has a broader voice recognition program.

When Microsoft launched Cortana, it was promoted as taking the top pros from Now and Siri, and that’s partially true. Cortana falls behind in its integration with the most important third-party apps available on the market. Until Microsoft Cortana will be available on Android and iOs devices, it remains the only good option for systems with Microsoft Windows 10 installed.

Comparing Amazon Echo vs Google Now

At the moment, Amazon and Google are two of the most powerful companies in the world, along with huge names like Apple, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

The most important feature of Google’s Now and probably its advantage over Amazon Echo and over all other virtual assistants is that it connects to your Google account, enabling you to set alarms, set reminders, check the weather, get access to your Gmail account, check the embedded map for the best route to the airport and look for places to eat based on Google my Business (called Google Places in the past).

From an app integration point of view, Google Now has an edge over all other virtual assistants. Additionally, you get quick answers to your questions and you may be able to control some features on your mobile device. Nevertheless, when compared to Amazon Echo, Google Now falls flat on its face.

Only Echo can give you answers without the touch of a button or without touching your smartphone. Echo alone can let you stream your favorite music from Amazon Prime Music

The Bottom Line

Amazon Echo is in a class of its own, being two steps ahead of Now, Cortana and Siri. Amazon’s plan to overtake its direct competitors in the digital assistant world is slowly coming to fruition.

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