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Boosted Dual+ 200W Electric Skateboard

‘Hoverboards’ as they’re called are all the rage at the moment. Of course these aren’t really hoverboards at all in as much as they don’t hover. Instead, they’re electric scooters, sans the handles. They’re a lot of fun but ultimately they’re a gimmick and not something that’s going to ‘replace walking’ the way that Segway aimed to do all those years ago.

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

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But there are other options on the market if you’re looking for automated skating. And one of the best of these is the Boosted Dual+ 200W Electric Skateboard. Let’s take a look at what this four wheeled wonder brings to the table.

What it Is Boosted Dual+ 200W Electric Skateboard Review

Unlike those ‘hoverboards’, this is a product that really does what it says on the tin. This is a skateboard, only it’s electric. That means you can just stand on it and let the motor do all the work – in which case you’ll be benefiting from an impressive 2,000 watts of power.

So just how much power and speed is that? Specifically, it’s 22mph! That might not sound like a lot but it feels an awful lot faster when you’re traveling on it – and it’s ton of fun. It’s also faster than most of those hoverboards I just mentioned! In particular, the world will really seem to whizz by when you get low to the ground with your center of gravity.

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

The idea comes from a small startup called ‘Boosted’. This is a team of just three guys who wanted to make something ‘fun, fast and magical’. Whether they’ve succeeded is up to you but it’s certainly nice to be supporting the little guy.

Specs and Features of Boosted Dual+ 200W Electric Skateboard

The design is based on a longboard called the Loaded Vanguard and it also features Orangatang In Heat Wheels. If you know what that means, then you’re probably just the skater who will really benefit from a product like this.

As mentioned, the 200W of power will give you speeds up to 22mph. Of course the acceleration can vary a fair bit depending on your weight (it has a weight limit of 300lbs). Steering is done in just the same way you would steer a snowboard (by closing your eyes and praying?) and this is possible thanks to three microprocessors and a number of sensors.

It really is a ‘smart’ electric skateboard then and it also comes with smartphone app which lets you control the top speed. When you first get the board it will be topped out at 10mph, which gives you time to learn the ropes before you start going faster. Brakes are also included – of course – so you can slow back down.

The board itself weighs just 13.5lbs, so it’s light enough to sling in a bag. Though it’s a 38×8.5×5.2’’ board so that will need to be quite a big bag. And it’s not so light that you won’t notice it.

Use Scenarios

And this is where the biggest limitations of the gadget start to come into play. The problem is that it only has a range of about 7 miles before the batteries start to run flat. So if you’re traveling at 22mph, you’re only going to get just under half an hour of fun before it goes dead.

Boosted says that the product is ideal for taking ‘short fun trips’ throughout the day. But in reality, it’s not going to be practical to keep this thing on your person and use it in that way.

And actually, it’s also pretty dangerous. At 22mph, you’re going fast enough to break the speed limit in some areas with very little protection. It’s absolutely crucial that you keep your helmet on at all times – which makes this even less suitable for commuting or heading to the shops for groceries. A little experience with other types of boarding will also likely stand you in good stead – as will having somewhere secluded enough to practice!

In other words then, your enjoyment of this gadget will come down entirely to what you expect your use scenario will be. If you’re looking for some fast, high-speed fun then this is perfect and will certainly satisfy the adrenaline junky. If you’re looking for something that will get you from A to B in a fun way, or that you can play with with the kids, then you’re better off with an electric scooter.

The price is also going to be something of a limiting factor in that regard.

Conclusions on Boosted Dual+ 200W Electric Skateboard

Overall, this is a gadget that offers really awesome fun for people who like the sounds of blasting down the road at 22mph. This is a really exhilarating ride and a lot more extreme than toys like the hoverboards that everyone is raving about at the moment. Just don’t expect this to be something you can use on the pavement and make sure you keep your kids away from it – and your helmet on!

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