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Radar Detectors How To Choose One

Radar detectors represent the perfect gadget for any driver, especially for those who are habitual speeders. With one of these modern devices, one can detect the radar gun used by the police officers to monitor speed in traffic.

radar detectors

A good radar detector helps speedy motorists avoid getting a speeding ticket and helps them get the peace of mind that they are safe from police surveillance.

Short History of Radar Detectors

The first radar detector was introduced on the market back in 1971, in the United States. Throughout the middles 70s, radar detectors have become increasingly sophisticated. Hence, a growing number of motorists started to use these state-of-art technological innovations in order to shun police radars. Even though in most of the states the use of a radar detector is legal, in Virginia, Washington DC and the District of Columbia the use of radar detectors is illegal.

Radar Detectors Buying Tips

If you are looking to buy a radar detector, you have landed on the right site. On our car accessories store, you can find a plethora of car products, from dashcams and backup cams to mounts, GPS, seat covers and other automotive tools & equipment. When buying radar detectors, it is important to know exactly what type of gadget is the best for you. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when choosing radar detectors.

1. Choose the Right Type of Detector for your car

There are three main types of radar detectors:

  • remote
  • cordless
  • wired

Remote detectors are extremely hard to steal, as they are fixed to your car permanently. However, the drawback with these detectors is that, once mounted, you cannot move it to another car. Still, they are the more efficient.

Wired detectors can be placed on the windshield and are extremely efficient, regardless of the weather.

Lastly, cordless radar detectors are portable devices that can be moved around. Choose a cordless radar detector if you have more cars and you like to drive all of them. If you drive only one car, choose between wired and remote detectors.

2. Brands

There are multiple brands that manufacture radar detectors. While some of them offer minimal features, others equip their devices with all the bells and whistles. Here are some of the most popular brands of radar detectors:

– Whistler: this brand stands out of the crowd due to its unique feature that enables detectors read any type of laser gun, even those that are in “stalker mode”. Whistler detectors also come with voice alert and can be personalized according to your tastes.
– Cobra: definitely the most famous and most expensive brand of radar detectors, Cobra detectors can connect with your iPhone and iPad, Android device or Bluetooth phone to alert you of safety hazards, red light cameras and obviously, police radar guns.
– Escort: this popular brand offers some of the best cordless radar detectors on the market. If you choose this brand, you can find great deals online for high-end detectors. Escort offers radar detectors in all price ranges, from basic models to state-of-art gadgets.

3. Additional Features

When choosing a radar detector, you need to look at various features that might be of interest to you. For instance, if you drive a lot within city limits, you might want to choose a detector equipped with Urban mode. This feature minimizes the range of frequencies, reducing the number of false alerts.

Another feature that might interest you is Voice Alerts. With this feature on, you will never have to take your eyes off the road. Voice alerts is an amazing feature that reduce the chance of accidents and at the same time helps you avoid a well-deserved speeding ticket.

If you need a radar detector that can spot laser beams, you should choose to buy a LIDAR. If police uses laser beams to detect speed, you definitely need to buy a LIDAR device. Moreover, it is important to know that some law enforcement officers use Instant-on radar to track speed. Usually, this device measures the speed long before your radar alerts you. In this instance, buy a radar detector equipped with a K-band reception.

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