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And here we are, at the end of one spectacular year. Dash cam have gained in popularity like never before in 2017. Whether because of jaw-dropping nature videos that have gone viral, real footage of thieves in action, life-saving adventures or stunning accidents, dash cams have managed to storm the market and take their slice of the pie.

More precisely, the dash cam industry has grown by 14% in 2017 year-to-year, reaching a whopping $1.78 billion. By 2018, this rising industry is expected to exceed $2.5 billion.

There is no doubt that the dash cams trend is getting bigger by the day. You have probably wanted to buy a dash cam, or you might have already owned a dash cam and you weren’t that satisfied with it. Whatever the case, we are darn sure that you are eager to discover what dash cams were truly hot in 2017.

There is quite a variety of dash cams out there, with a multitude of designs, features and benefits to the user. Some are even dual cameras, while some models can be used as action cameras and used with tripod mounts for great outdoor photos.

However, there are 3 dash cams that have managed to stay on top of every other model and best their competition. Even KDLINKS X1, a great dash cam that has been a fan favorites in the last couple of years, got outstripped by the 3 models we will present below.

Without Further ado Here are the Top 3 Dash Cams of 2017

1. Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD

dash cam

Falcon Zero became a must have accessory for millions of drivers in 2017. This sleek dash cam is not very much different from a regular pocket camera when it comes to appearance. However, we all know that appearance is treacherous. The features of this unit make it to truly stand out of the crowd.

Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD – Design

The design of the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD is sleek, slim and quite cool. This fashionable device can add a bit of innovation and sleekness to the interior of your vehicle. As for the large 4” TFT screen, it is very similar to that of an iPhone.

Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD – Specs and Futures

This camera can record seamlessly at 1080p for hours, offering you an incredible wide 170 view. The 6-element a spherical glass works together with the WDR and 3.0 MP CMOS to offer you exquisite footage. The night vision ensures that you can record almost perfectly during the night.

As for geo tagging,the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD is one of the best there is. Thanks to the built-in GPS, each file is specifically get-tagged with the location. This ensures that you will always be backed up during a claim (to win at court) or during a recording (to re-visit that gorgeous place you’ve been to last week).

With the loop recording of 2 or 5 minutes, you can record for 5.5 hours before the 32 GB SD card included is full. Of course, you can equip this dashboard camera with a larger SD card of 64 GB.

This camera is extremely easy to install on your windshield. The patented mount bracket comes equipped with power pins to power up your camera. This makes the installing process incredibly easy, as you will be able to mount and remove the dash cam from your windshield without having to unplug dozens of wires and spend tens of minutes of your precious time.

How does it Outranks its Competitors?

The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD stands high above its competitors due to its small, unobtrusive design that makes it blend perfectly on any dashboard. The GPS & geo tagging feature is also a very strong aspect of this product. No other dash cam available on the market has managed to offer recordings as accurate as what the Falcon has managed to provide.

And last but not the least, setting up this unit is as easy as pie. Drivers who have more than one car and want to use the dash cam on all of their vehicles will very much love Falcon Zero.

Who is this Dash cam For ?

 The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD is an excellent choice fordrivers who:
– Prefer the old, classy pocket cameras
– Have more cars and want to use the camera on multiplevehicles, depending on their needs or mood
– Want a reliable dash cam that does its job, records acceptably and is excellent at geo-tagging photos and videos

2. KDLINKS R100 Ultra

dash cam

The KDLINKS R100 Ultra is one of those unique products that hit the market once every few years and manage to break new ground due to their innovative approach. This device has been launched in a market saturated by compact,single-lens dash cams.

As a dual-lens dash cam that comes with an innovative design and a whole lot of new features, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra has managed to get a top spot in our list and become a noteworthy competitor to the best dash cams available today.

Why do we believe that? Keep reading to find out.

Kdlinks R100 Ultra – Design

KDLINKS has been around for quite a while. Their dashboard cameras have all managed to spike the interest of drivers, especially fashionable drivers. The R100 Ultra comes with a very unique aspect, looking less like a camera and more like a rear view mirror. This unit is specially designed to replace your rear view mirror, so why leverage it and completely replace your old, dusty mirror with one of these gorgeous cameras?

A dash camera is always better than a mirror, isn’t it?

On the front of the camera, you will notice the display and a couple of navigation buttons. The rest of the surface is covered in mirrored glass panel which works similar to a rear view mirror. On the rear, you notice the camera and a speaker.

The ports & connections are all streamlined, making this device as unobtrusive as any other high-quality dash cam. The R100 Ultra’s design is extremely clever, offering your maximum functionality with minimum space.

Kdlinks R100 Ultra – Specs and Feautures

The KDLINKS R100 Ultra is a dual dash cam. This means that it includes two cameras, one in the front and one in the back. While the front camera has a better than average 1296p resolution, the rear camera comes with a whopping Full HD 1080p.

This is unheard of, as the vast majority of dual cameras have only a standard 720p camera in the back. 

As for unique features, this device is equipped with the auto off function. It turns off the camera the moment you turn off the engine. This is when it switches to sleep mode, when motion detection is activated. If it detects motion close to your car, it automatically switches on to record what happened.

This feature could prove invaluable for catching thieves and other ill-advised characters.

The 140 degree lenses are not impressive, but note that together they offer you a 280 degree view. This is more than sufficient in order to get the peace of mind that you are protected. The lithium-ion battery is capable of lasting several hours. To recharge it, simply connect it to a power supply.

How Does this Dash Cam Outranks its Competitors?

For starters, the design of this dash cam is totally unique. No other dashboard camera present on the market has managed to come up with this design. Very few people will notice that you actually have a recording camera instead of a windshield. This means more safety and protection for you.

The element of surprise is on your side, especially when you have to deal with recalcitrant drivers.
In addition to the design, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra stands out on the market due to its capacity to use Class 10 Micro SD cards of up to 128 GB

Who is this Dash Cam For ?

 The KDLINKS R100 Ultra is a very good option for drivers who:
– Prefer unobtrusive, hidden cameras
– Want to have the element of surprise on their side
– Want to have the single best rear view camera available on the market

3. WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS

dash cam

Now, the third and probably the most impressive out of the top dash cams available in 2017, the WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS is a gorgeous dashboard camera that exceeds all expectations in terms of recording quality.The latest generation IMX322 CMOS sensor uses 6 unique, high-quality lenses and WDR in order to offer you an exquisite, out-of-this world quality.

At 2306x1296p resolution, this dash cam can easily record in 2k, both during the day and the night. The Advanced Driver Assistance System, built-in GPS, memory lock and G sensor allow this dash cam to outclass all of its competitors.

WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS – Design

The design is probably the least impressive aspect about WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS. This vehicle camera looks quite similar to a DSLR camera, but slightly smaller. However, it is very good quality and is specifically created to withstand crashes and potential accidents.

WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS Specs and Feautures

The 170 degree lensis exactly what a 2306x1296p resolution deserves. The images are crisp &clear, and every single detail can be clearly noticed, even on high-resolutiondevices. The 3” TFT screen might not be sufficient for re-living the bestmoments of the trip, but it is definitely a good option for watching quickreplays and viewing in real-time the road ahead.

The extra features that enhance your ride are those that make the WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS a top dash cam in 2017. 

For starters, the Ambarella A7 Processor is brilliant, being able to support a constant stream of Super HD recordings at 2304×1296. Next, the ADAS allows you to set up 3 unique warnings that protect you against accidents: a driver fatigue warning, a lane departure warning and a low light warning. Moreover, the memory lock ensures that your data is protected in case of an accident.

You can rest assured that the whole recording is stored in a secure place, right in the center of the camera.

How does this Dash Cam Outranks its Competitors ?

Well, the recording quality is simply exceptional. Very few dashboard cameras are able to come up with a similar quality. However, what really sets WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS apart is the ADAS warning system.
This beautiful dash cam is very easy to set up, comes with a strong GPS functions, offers memory lock and G sensosr, and has a whopping 170 degree view range. It is definitely one of the top dash cams of 2017.

Who is this Dash Cam For ?

 The WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS is just amazing for drivers who:
– Want to stay in control of their rides
– Enjoy a complete dash cam equipped with the latest features available
– Prefer to get the best recording possible


These are my picks of the top hottest dashboard cameras of 2017.
Are they yours too?
2018 is going to be a good year for the dash cam industry, so stay tuned for more complete reviews about the best dash cams released in 2018.

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