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Multimedia Receivers by Power Acoustik

Probably the only factor that remains unchanged in the vast electronics industry is the factor of change. A company that grows by technological innovations and is able to provide constant high customer satisfaction is able to last throughout the years without losing its grip into this industry.

One of these companies is Power Acoustik.

power acoustik

With 30 years of resounding success and a simple approach to continue to increase the value of all of their products, this company has managed to provide top-quality multimedia receivers and other products, including amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, processors, mobile video, home audio and DJ equipment.

The parent of this company is Epsilon Electronics, a well-famed corporation known for its high-end flip down DVD players, flip down monitors and in-dash players.

As an innovative manufacturer, Power Acoustik comes each new year with groundbreaking products equipped with features that supersede their predecessors.

Each design and feature is created by a restrained group of professionals who strive to apply the most advanced technology into designing the best devices on the market.

Since 2011, company has managed to launch groundbreaking multimedia receivers that are equipped with larger capacity media storage, higher quality interfaces, more personalization features, more formats, and the list goes on… Every single model of multimedia receiver launched on the market is designed with the customer in mind.

The company is optimistic that they will continue to bring innovative products to the table. Obviously, 30 years of success would have not been possible without listening to the feedback offered by loyal customers.

Some of their best multimedia receivers are the:

Power Acoustik PDN 626B Double Din AM/FM/DVD/BT 6.2-Inch with Navigation

Power Acoustik Pd650b 6.5 Double Din Receiver Lcd Dvd Am/fm Bluetooth

Power Acoustik PDN 626B Double Din AM/FM/DVD/BT 6.2-Inch with Navigation

Power Acoustik 2-DIN DVD, CD/MP3, SD/USB, AM/FM Receiver PD-624HB

Power Acoustik PD-624B 6.2″ Double-Din In-Dash LCD Touchscreen Dvd Receiver with Bluetooth

Most of these devices come with innovative features, such as theft deterrent, wireless remote control, ESP (electronic shock protection), dedicated backup camera, rear RCA video output and custom audio staging.

In addition to multimedia receivers, Power Acoustik offers DVD players, ceiling mount LCDs, LCD monitors and video accessories.

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