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ZUS Smart USB Car Charger – 24K Gold Limited Edition Review

The ZUS smart USB car charger was already one of the best car chargers on the market. But this ‘24K gold’ limited edition simply takes the whole product to another level. This is a truly premium option for charging your mobile devices on the move and is incredibly indulgent and luxurious.

ZUS- Smart USB Car Charger - 24K Gold Limited Edition_3

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But is a gold car charger a step to far? Is it tacky and ostentatious or is it… awesome? Let’s find out.

The Basics of ZUS Smart USB Car Charger

The obvious thing that sets this charger apart is that it’s 24 karat gold. That’s a rather glaring feature that rather needs to be mentioned.

We’ll get to that in a moment though. First, let’s look at the device itself. Because actually, the ZUS Smart USB car charger is something of a premium device even without the limited edition changes. In terms of features and functionality, this is pretty hard to beat.

In fact, calling this a car charger is really rather a disservice. The product does much more than simply charging your other devices. One of the coolest features for instance is the built-in ‘car locator’. Seeing as the charger is going to be in your car permanently, this makes a lot of sense and can ensure you’ll always be able to find where you parked even in the busiest car parks.

The device also uses something called ‘ElegantShine’ lighting to help you find the device in the dark. And as a charger, it also delivers in spades by detecting the type of device that has been plugged in and then providing the fastest charge possible. It can charge up to 2X faster than regular solutions and that means 0-100% in 3.75 hours for two iPad Airs simultaneously. Not bad!

The fact that you can charge two devices at once means that you’ll never be fighting over chargers with your friends. The company, Nonda, also brags several other high-end features. It claims to have twice the normal lifespan of a car charger for instance, thanks to its titanium construction and advanced cooling systems.

The Gold

But none of this is what you’re really interested in right? Surely what you want to know is that gold plating!

Well, right off the bat, let me tell you that it looks just stunning. This is a sleek and fancy looking finish that just screams ‘luxury’. It’s not too over the top and the shape and design is also great to look at. Now, a lot of people might be wondering what the point of gold plating is on a car charger.

ZUS Smart USB Car Charger – 24K Gold Limited Edition

These aren’t conventionally aesthetic products or things that we think of as stylish. But to that I say: why not? Nobody would think twice if you bought a gold or silver watch, or if you spent significantly more on a wallet. But for whatever reason, this sense of pride and style hasn’t quite transitioned over to the rest of our tech yet.

But a car charger can be just as stylish as your watch and especially if you have a high-end car. If you have a beautiful vehicle with a stunning dashboard, then a golden car charger is only going to add to that luxury and class. This would not look at all out of place in a Ferrari, a BMW, an Aston Martin or an Alpha Romeo.

And it’s certainly a talking point. Throw in the ‘Bond-like’ functionality of the car locator and multiple, simultaneous charging and you’ve just increased the wow-factor of your vehicle.

Of course not everyone reading this will be able to afford this kind of tech or will think it’s worth it. And that’s fine! But it’s very interesting that this exists and it does raise some interesting points about the way we feel about our technology. Why don’t we feel just as moved to get a stylish and highly personalized USB stick as we do a watch or a pair of shoes? Something to think about!


Ultimately, if you want the very best car charge on the market, then the Nonda Zus is a great option. If you then want to pile on the decadence and the luxury on top of that – now you have an option to!

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